A little effort can make a big difference

“Effort equals energy”, says Carmen Debono, a counselor who works with women, helping them unpack their experiences and create goals.

Carmen says when you put effort into changing something in your life, it creates energy that can boost momentum and motivate you to make bigger changes. “It takes energy but also gives energy. It’s that idea of what you put in is ultimately what you’ll get back.”

And it doesn’t have to be a huge amount of effort. A little effort can make a big difference in our lives and relationships.

Making an effort looks different for everybody. It’s really about releasing our creativity or mindfulness into the world. It’s as simple as asking yourself: ‘How can I make something that little bit more special or add my own touch to this?’

For example, taking time out each day to savour a cup of tea in a pretty mug could boost your sense of wellbeing and happiness.

Carmen gives an example of a seemingly small change, involving her wardrobe, that led to a major improvement in her day-to-day life.

“As I became older and busier, I started to look at how I could work smarter rather than harder. For me having a more organised wardrobe was an absolute game changer,” she says.

“I created a capsule wardrobe that was streamlined and accessible. Now I know where everything is. I can quickly find a warm jacket on a cold day or the right shoes to match an outfit.”

Why can small changes have such a big impact? Because being intentional means you’re placing value on yourself, and that’s powerful.

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