Managing Stress and Anxiety

The symptoms we experience from stress and anxiety can be extremely uncomfortable and impact on our daily lives. Symptoms such as nausea, a racing heart, headaches, sleeplessness, over-thinking, a cloudy head, irritability, and the list goes on.

An effective way to manage these symptoms is to address the underlying cause. I liken the symptoms being like that terrible sound the smoke alarm makes. Often, we panic to get rid of the sound but in the meantime, the stove is on fire! What we really need to do is address the underlying cause of the noise, that is, we need to put the fire out!

While we can sometimes find relief from symptoms through deep breathing, meditation, mindfulness, and exercise, we really need to identify the underlying cause behind our symptoms. Things such as toxic relationships, financial stress, addictions, negative thinking, over-working, and lack of time for us, are an example of some underlying causes.

To address the underlying cause or causes, you can ask yourself a simple question; is there anything I need to change or adjust in my life?

Once we take those first steps towards change, we will feel more in control and our symptoms will begin to reduce. We will begin to feel more like us again.

I hope this helps. If you need further help, please email me or book online for an appointment. If symptoms persist, seek medical advice from a GP or health professional.


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